Digging Your Way Out

Digging Your Way Out
From the March 2nd reading
This week we will take a look at faith, and how, even with just a little, we can see amazing things happen!
Mark 9:24
Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (NIV)
  • The father had originally said “But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.” (v. 22)
  • Jesus replied “If you can?” – questioning the man’s faith
  • Immediately the father recanted his statement – “I do believe.”
  • Then he said, “help me overcome my unbelief.”


  • We need to believe that God can do all things
  • We can cry out to God to take pity on us – and He listens
  • We can ask God to help us in our unbelief!
I just recently read a book by Mark Sullivan called, Beneath a Scarlet Sky. He tells the story of a young 17 year old Italian boy, named Pino, who helps Jews to escape Italy during World War II. He is recruited by a warm and caring Catholic priest at a retreat that is at the foot of the Alps. This true story is a story of courage and faith, as we read of this young boy as he becomes a man in the dangerous passes of the towering Alps. During one of his adventures he is escorting a young Jewish family and a woman through a freezing storm to safety at the border of Switzerland. The storm becomes so bad that they seek refuge in a small hut. While waiting out the storm there is an avalanche that buries them deep within the snow and ice. There is no way out and panic begins to ensue. Pino begins to lose all hope of ever surviving, when the words of Father Re of Casa Alpina return to his mind, “have faith”! Pino realizes that they need air, and he has an inspiration. With the help of his younger brother he removes the chimney pipe from the ceiling of the cabin and begins to poke a hole through the snow and ice to get to the air above. They succeed, and then begins the long arduous job of tunneling through the avalanche to safety through the front door of the hut. Later, as he safely delivers the group to their escort at the border with Switzerland, he is elated and amazed at the faithfulness of God. Everything seems so much more beautiful, brighter, and wondrous!
When we cry out to God, He listens. When we step out in faith, He responds. When we ask Him to take pity on us He does!
In Mark we find a father who lacks faith. He has just witnessed Jesus’ disciples fail repeatedly to help his son, and now he questions whether the Teacher can be of any help. So he says, “If you can?” Imagine what it would be like for that father to witness his son suffer for weeks or months at the hands of an unforeseen enemy, a demon! Jesus had given His disciples the authority to cast out demons, and this father had heard of their work from others. But now, even they can’t help his little boy. What hope was left? What could Jesus do?
One commentary says, “Jesus took up the father’s words of doubt, If You can, to show that the point was not His ability to heal the boy but the father’s ability to trust in God who can do what is humanly impossible (cf. 10:27). Jesus then challenged the father not to doubt: Everything is possible for him who believes (cf. 9:29). Faith sets no limits on God’s power and submits itself to His will.” (The Bible Knowledge Commentary, by Walvoord & Zuck)
The father’s response was immediate. “I do believe”, but then he also pleaded, “help me overcome my unbelief!” Usually our faith is weak, and lacks the power that we so desperately need, but as the author stated above, “Faith sets no limits on God’s power.” God is powerful and able to do all things whether I believe it or not.
The question is will we chose to believe? Will we step out in faith, that He has us, every shaky step of the way?
Another author put it this way, “The main lesson of this miracle is the power of faith to overcome the enemy (Mark 9:19, 23–24; and see Matt. 17:20). Why had the nine disciples failed? Because they had been careless in their personal spiritual walk and had neglected prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29). The authority that Jesus had given them was effective only if exercised by faith, but faith must be cultivated through spiritual discipline and devotion.” (Wiersbe, W. W. (1996). The Bible exposition commentary)
Our faith must be cultivated. It must be stretched and pulled. It takes exercise. It takes discipline and devotion. But meanwhile, God is faithful. He is there to take up the slack, to get us over the crags, the peaks, and the valleys of life. Our God is able. Do you trust Him?
Pray that God will help you to overcome your unbelief. Ask Him to show you where you are lacking so that your faith may grow.
If you would like help in growing in your faith, or if you would like to know how to have faith in Him, then please contact us. (928)636-2949 or email me at pastorguy@cvgrace.com

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