The Great Shepherd

The Great Shepherd
From the December 21st Reading
John 10:27-28 (NIV)
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.
His sheep listen to His voice!
•  As followers of Christ, we listen to Him. We listen to His teachings. We listen to His still, small voice. We recognize His voice over all of the clamor of “voices” around us.
He knows them.
•  Our great Shepherd knows us. He knows each of the sheep in His flock. He truly knows us!
They follow Him.
•  His sheep follow Him. We are followers of Christ—that means we follow Him and we attempt to be like Him.
He gives them eternal life.
•  We were once dead in our sin and wrongdoing, but He has given us life. Abundant life! We no longer need to fear death. We no longer have to live a mediocre life, without hope!
We will never perish.
•  This body may die and it is dying even now. But our spirit will not perish into nothingness. We will not suffer for eternity in punishment. 
No one can snatch us from his hand.
•  Nothing can separate us from the love of God! Not even me!!
We need to listen and obey!
•  Jesus said that if we love Him, we will obey His commands.
We have eternal life!
•  We don’t have to fear death! We will spend eternity with Him!
My salvation is secure!
•  he will never leave me nor forsake me. I don’t have to just hope that I will make it—I can know for sure!
When I think of how Christ is our Great Shepherd, I think of the story that Dr. Lynn Anderson shares in His book, “They Smell Like Sheep.” He shares about this man who was taking a tour in Israel and how the tour guide topped to point out a large herd of sheep. There was this very large herd of sheep with several shepherds. As this herd approached a split in the trail, the shepherds went off their separate ways. Immediately the mass of sheep behind them began to split up and follow their own shepherd. When the various shepherds and their flocks were distanced from each other by a few hundred yards, the shepherds turned around to find that there were still a few strays that were wandering in confusion. Then one of the shepherds cupped his mouth and called out, “Ky-yia-yia-yia!” At his shout, a few of the stray lambs perked up their ears and bounded toward his voice. Then a second shepherd cried out with a shrill, “Hoot-hoot-hoot!” Each shepherd, in turn, called. Each of the strays, hearing a familiar voice, knew exactly which shepherd to turn to. And to this man’s amazement, the massive herd of sheep split in several different directions, each following the voice of its own shepherd. 
When we grow in Christ, we begin to recognize his voice. There are many voices in this world crying out for our attention, our devotion. Paul says that the Christian life is like running a race. We are to run towards the goal: Jesus Christ! But, many times, as we are running the race, we are distracted by the voices of the people and the temptation of things in the stands. We waiver in our commitment to Him. It becomes harder and harder to hear His voice and we can get lost. 
This Scripture says that He knows us! He knows our weaknesses. He knows our past. And He calls us anyway! Many times we wander off and we begin to follow other things that are calling out to us. But He patiently calls out to us, waiting for us to recognize His voice and come to Him.
We are so like sheep! We wander around in the rocks and the thorns of life. We get stickers and scrapes along the way. But when we stop long enough to listen and come to Him, He picks us up and picks out the stickers, speaks kind and loving words to us, and whispers in our ear, “Follow me! Just stick with me. Put your feet where I place mine and everything will be alright.”
As we begin this new year, listen for His voice. Spend time in His Word each day and listen for His voice as He guides you throughout your day. Spend time seeking His face.
His sheep listen to His voice and they follow Him!

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    Great start, Guy. Very interesting reading we are secure in Him. Have a blessed day!

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